Reducerea de azi: Kylie Minogue- Darling- giveaway

duminică, 26 iunie 2011

Stare excelenta
Cantitate : 100 ml
Pret: 70 lei/ pret nou 50 lei
E nedeschis, cu ambalajul de plastic intact. Are 50 ml iar descrierea lui suna asa:
A glamorous Chypré-Floriental, as multifaceted as Kylie herself.
A sensual, floral bouquet with a heady, sparkling yet sweet
top note of passion fruit, freesia and lychee.
The heart is brimming with a delicate, feminine floral blend of lily and boronia.
The base note projects the sensual, enveloping essences of sandalwood, amberwood and vanilla.
Eu zic ca suna bine :)

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