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luni, 25 ianuarie 2010

Yep, you heard it, the Elephant has gone social! Social-networking that is, ca socia(bi)l era oricum de la origine. Asa ca acum nu mai avem loc de el (both literally and otherwise) nici in spatiul virtual, atat de mult ii place, mai ales sa vada ca are atatia fani. He does love the smell of idolatry in the morning, you know.
Daca vreti sa-i periati ego-ul si mai mult, sau daca pur si simplu va convine metoda asta de a primi update-uri, you can, may and will be able to find us here. Click 'Become a fan' and only good things shall happen to you.* Scuzati bilingvismul, it's sort of a disease. Dar am zis numai de bine, parol! Ok, back to my exams now..

*Unless of course you are a sorry loser, in which case you should totally do not check out the 2009 album. Seriously, we've had some good stuff, that reached a bunch of lovely people, whom we thank dearly. Chiar, daca cineva isi regaseste vreo achizitie pe acolo, say so, so we can tag you or even better, tag yourselves :D

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